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We do things differently at KAL as your local, not-for-profit, charitable leisure trust.

We’re proud to support the Kirklees community to stay active and healthy, both physically and mentally. 


Update – July 2021

It’s been a very challenging 18 months and KAL would like to sincerely thank all our loyal customers for their support and understanding during this period.

Following the government’s recent announcement around the further relaxation of Covid restrictions, we would like to provide a further update and what this will mean for our customers.

KAL has worked extremely hard to make our facilities Covid-secure in terms of signage, layouts, cleaning, and wider measures to ensure our customers could continue to be active safely.

In the run-up to, and following the government’s announcement, KAL has been reviewing which changes and restrictions can be removed/amended, which measures may take longer to remove and which measures will remain in place due to the positive impact they have had.

Due to the number of measures KAL implemented to keep our customers safe, changes to / removal of these measures will not all happen immediately.  For the benefit of our staff and customers, changes will, therefore, be implemented gradually over the coming weeks. 


KAL Timetable Desktop



Updated - 4th August 2021

Some of the key changes you will notice are.

  • The need to book to attend the gym has been removed.
  • You still need to book swim sessions, with pool session capacities reviewed and changes made where possible.
  • The booking system will continue to be in place for group exercise classes as per the situation pre-COVID-19.
  • We will gradually be making changes to our gym layouts, including increasing the amount of equipment in use and removing marked workout zones.
  • Similarly, we will be revisiting and amending the locations, layout and capacity of our group exercise classes on a phased basis.
  • Changing areas will be brought more fully back into use over the coming weeks
  • Amendments to our COVID-19 related signage, access routes and walkways will take place on a phased, site-by-site basis.
  • Site opening hours will be kept under review and any changes communicated as required.

KAL would still encourage our customers to please exercise caution and take responsibility for their own wellbeing, including wearing masks in KAL sites when not being active, washing hands regularly and cleaning equipment and changing areas before and after use.

As restrictions are removed the government have warned cases will inevitably rise. Coupled with associated periods of isolation for individuals and close contacts, this will put pressure on KAL's staffing resources.  Whilst KAL will endeavour to continue to operate as planned, this is likely to result in some cancellation of sessions and/or short term closure of sites, potentially at short notice.  We will aim to keep customers advised of any disruption as soon as we are able.

It should also be noted that KAL may reintroduce some or all of our COVID-secure measures at a future point depending on the wider local position regarding COVID-19 infection rates.

We understand there may be some disruption and some of these changes may take a while to get used to, however, KAL would like to, once again, thank our customers in advance for the patience and understanding shown to our staff whilst we carry out this process.

Customers must not attend any of our centres if:

  • You are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 – i.e. you have a new continuous cough OR fever OR loss of/change in smell or taste
  • You are in self-isolation 


Should you have any additional needs and need support accessing our facilities and/or are unsure how this guidance affects your ability to access our facilities, please contact our Customer Service Team at where a member of our team will assist you further.


  • From 2nd August you will no longer need to book for the gym.
  • Please clean all machines and items of equipment before and after you use them


Changing Rooms are open as normal


Swimming Lessons

Please check out our useful links:- 

View our Swim Timetables 

Access our Home Portal  

Watch our video on how to register & log into your Home Portal 

Check our list of appropriate swimwear 

Please read and check our admissions policy:- 


  • A timetable is available on the home page of this website showing which pools are available.
  • All swimming sessions are advised to be booked in advance. You can do this via the KAL App or online 

Swimming Safety Guidance  

  • KAL will continue with the online bookings for swimming, To use our swimming pools for swimming, you are advised to pre-book your swimming time via our app or online at (Length Swims, public Swims, Splash and Play and Aqua relax)
  • KAL strongly advise customers to book online to avoid disappointment. Payment can be taken at the site, although availability will be limited.
  • Your slot will last one hour from the start time and you should leave the pool area at the end of this time
  • You can book 7 days in advance for swimming.
  • We request that all customers remove their outdoor footwear at the designated point in the changing rooms 
  • Our aim is to minimise the time customers spend in the changing areas. Changing rooms will be available but you should arrive “ready to swim” - with your swimwear under your outdoor clothing.  
  • If you have any additional access requirements in relation to our swimming pools or changing rooms - please email our contact centre who will assist you further. 
  • KAL Swimming admissions policy applies. 

Length Swimming Etiquette 

KAL have various length swim layout arrangements across our facilities to meet the needs of the community, please check got the pool layouts at your chosen pool.

  • Please follow the pool and lane directional signage at all times 
  • People of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please respect their right to enjoy their swim. 
  • If you are asked to move lanes by a member of staff, please do so without conflict as this is only for everyone’s safety and enjoyment 
  • If you change to a slower stroke as part of your session, please think about moving lanes.
  • Choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs and by watching those already swimming 
  • Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after completing your swim, please be mindful that others using the lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping; so please keep to the edge of the lane allowing others to turn at the wall, turning your head away 
  • Participants are permitted to bring their own equipment, e.g., Kickboards, paddles, pull buoys, training snorkels and short fins. If you are asked by the lifeguard to remove the equipment this will be for Health & Safety reasons and the requests must be adhered to. 
  • Please leave the sessions promptly at the end of your allocated time (1hr). 

Public Swimming / Splash & Play

  • Non-Swimmers are permitted to bring buoyancy aids to assist with their swimming. 
  • When attending swimming sessions customers are welcome to bring along their own individual fun toys for your entertainment. Items you can bring to these sessions include: 
  • Noodles 
  • Small floats under 1 metre 
  • Dive Sticks/Sinkers 
  • Foam/Softball 
  • Pool inflatables are not be permitted. 

Aqua Relax

  • Aqua relax is a strictly Adult Only non-structures swimming session

Swimming Lessons 

What are the expectations of a KAL KLUB Swim Customer? 

KAL ask that customers continue to: 

  • Arrive ‘swim ready’ come with swimwear underneath clothes if possible.  
  • Please practise putting swimming hats and goggles on at home so your child can do this by themselves during the lesson.  
  • Arrive and be on the poolside on time for your lesson, unfortunately, swimmers will not be able to participate in the lesson if they are late for the start time. 
  • Please arrive only 10 minutes prior to your lesson start time.  
  • You will be required to swipe your membership card on arrival, if you don’t have one then please make the customer advisor on reception aware when you arrive. 
  • Remove all outdoor footwear before entering the changing rooms. Prams/pushchairs will not be permitted in this area.  
  • Change in the areas provided we ask the adult attending to take any bags to the spectator area where possible,
  • In line with the KAL admission policy children under the age of 8 must not be left in the building without an adult.  
  • Spectators are not permitted on the poolside unless this is in a designated spectator area. Availability on the poolside for spectators will be limited.
  • KAL request that spectators are kept to a minimum during swimming lessons.


KAL KLUB Swimming Lessons  - Below we have tried to answer some of your key questions below:- 

Why are KAL KLUB Swim Programmes being reviewed? 

KAL is reviewing the programmes to provide an improved programme and to allow for the planned changes in restrictions. KAL are committed to complete the changes gradually and will prioritise time during July and August to carry out the changes. KAL will aim to keep any disruption to your classes to a minimum.  

KAL is reviewing the numbers in each class and the stages we require to continue to provide a full programme for all our KAL KLUB Swimmers therefore we are required to adjust the programmes to ensure we have sufficient availability and workforce. 

KAL will be re-programming some of the KAL KLUB Swimming Lessons between 23rd – 31st August.

Home Portal will not be available during these dates.

KAL aim to cause as little disruption as possible however some classes may be removed from the programme so please check your emails and Home Portal account.

What restrictions will KAL be changing? 

KAL taking a phased approach to adjusting the programme to pre covid, we have found that a few of the changes have had a positive impact and we will continue to review them and make improvements. i.e.  We will not initially be introducing any more teaching stations; we will continue to review this over the next few weeks. 

KAL will initially maintain the 5-minute gap between programmed lessons, we will review this after the summer. 

Will my class time and teacher change? 

KAL may be required to make some alternations to your class which could include the class day, time or teacher. KAL KLUB Swim may not require any change to your lesson, however, if an adjustment is required it is because the class you are currently in is no longer available. If this is the case KAL will assign you a place and you will have access to change this class to any other within your site via the home portal. 

How will I know if my class is changing? 

Customers can view these changes via the Home Portal. If you  have changed your email or are not registered with Home Portal, please email 

Have KAL started all the swimming lessons? 

KAL will continue to deliver Ducklings and Stages 1 – 7 and Training Academy. We are still working on a date for the re-start of the Batley Baths Lessons, we hope this will be soon! 

Will KAL be returning the other products to the programme? 

KAL communicated to all Mini Polo, Aquafun, Rookies and Medals to confirm these programmes are no longer included within the weekly KAL KLUB Swim programme.  

KAL are currently providing the learn to swim products and hope to include Junior Swimfit and Adult Learn 2 Swim back to the programme from September. 

Non-Swimmers are permitted to bring buoyancy aids to assist with their swimming. 

Product Update - October 21


No need to book.


Must still be Pre-booked by app/website

Public swims are for Adults and Children in a non-structured pool session. Length Swims are for people able to swim continuously in structured lanes

Training pool -Huddersfield Leisure Centre

Open as normal – see pool programmes here -

KLUB Swimming Lessons

as normal

KSP Masters

as normal


Available at Batley Sports and Tennis Centre, Dewsbury Sports Centre Colne Valley, & Huddersfield Leisure Centre. You will need to book in advance via the app or online 


as normal

Group Fitness Classes

Must be pre-booked via the app or our website

Dry Changing rooms

Open as normal, but we would still advise you to come exercise ready 

Splash Park

Book via 

Adult Tennis

Available at Batley Sports & Tennis, you will need to book in advance via the app or online 


Available at Huddersfield Leisure Centre, you will need to book in advance via the app or online 

Batley Sports & Tennis Centre from 8th November 21 - you will need to book in advance via the app or online

Tag x

Book via our website


Open, No booking required.

Batley Baths and Recreation Centre

See for opening times

Wet Changing inc Showers


Deighton Sports Arena

Open, initial opening hours will be:

Monday – Friday:13.30-21.00, Saturday: 09.30-13.00, Sunday: 10.00-16.00

KAL KLUB Fitness & Teen Gym

Available from 8th November to new customers. All existing members now taken off freeze.

Spa / Sauna Facilities

Dewsbury - Opening Times - Monday- Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday & Sunday - 9am - 4pm (closed Monday - Friday 1pm - 3pm for cleaning)

Batley Baths & Recreation Centre Opening Times- 
Monday 7:30am - 9pm (Ladies only 6:30pm - 9pm)
Tuesday 7:30am - 9pm (Ladies only 4pm - 9pm)
Wednesday 7:30am - 9pm (Ladies only 1pm - 2:30pm)
Thursday 7:30am - 9pm (Men only 4pm - 9pm)
Friday 7:30am - 9pm (Men only 7:30pm - 9pm)
Saturday 8:15am - 4pm
Sunday 9:30am - 3pm (Ladies only 9:30am - 12:30pm)

There will be a daily midweek closure from 14:30 - 16:00 for cleaning & routine maintenance.

The Stadium Health & Fitness Club -  Monday - Wednesday 07:00 - 21:30, Thursday & Friday 07:00 - 20:30, Saturday & Sunday 08:30 - 19:30.There will be a daily closure from 14:00 - 16:30 for cleaning & routine maintenance.

Dare 2 Air

 Currently closed.


Currently closed 

Indoor Bowling

Pre-existing customers with block bookings only. Our team will be calling existing customers.

No new bookings/customers are permitted. No Cash only card payments.

Owls (Over 55's)

Huddersfield Leisure Centre - Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00 – 15.00 

Colne Valley Leisure Centre - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10.00 – 15.00 

Dewsbury Sport Centre - Monday, Tuesday Friday 10.00 – 15.00 

Batley Sports & Tennis Centre - Fridays 10.00 – 15.00 Get Active Owls 

Disability Get Active & Active Days

Huddersfield Leisure Centre - Monday10.00 – 15.00


121 swimming lessons (adults & children)

Currently not able to offer


Currently not able to offer


Currently not able to offer 

Adult Learn to swim

Currently not able to offer 


Available at HLC

Parties and group bookings

Currently not able to offer 


Currently closed.


No restrictions, However HLC balcony is closed, and Splash Park seating area is closed.

External clubs

Under review

The Reef

Currently closed

Spenborough Running Track

Spenborough Athletic Club is running club sessions by invitation only. For further information please refer to their website

Astroturf Bookings

Batley Sports & Tennis – available to book at the centre directly

Leeds Road  available to book at the site directly



Only individual sessions (No Futsal or basketball) booking via Huddersfield Leisure Centre. We are not doing any events of any type. 


Activities which we no longer offer

  • Tomorrow’s Terriers
  • Jnr Octopush - a club has taken over this delivery on a Sunday at Dewsbury Sports Centre
  • Medals
  • Rookies
  • Mini Polo- Otters Water Polo club now deliver this session
  • Aqua Fun
  • Triathlon



Customer FAQ's

Price List

Here is a link to our price lists -  Price Lists


Can I come with my family to a length swim?

Our length swims are available for anyone that can continuously swim.  Children must be over 16 years and be competent swimmers (be able to swim 2 full-lengths). If a swimmer is under the age of 16 they must be accompanied in the session with an adult. KAL has also provided public swims for families to attend.

What swim sessions can children attend?

Children can attend our Family swim sessions, Public swims are available for children aged 8 years and over and can be attended without an adult.

Do you offer a baby rate?

Babies should be booked in under ‘juniors’ & that rate will apply.

How do I make a swimming booking?

We have created a short video showing you how easy it is to make a booking. Please be aware you do not need to select anything when you make a booking & any bookings that are charged are non-refundable. 

How do I book a family swim? 

We have created a short video showing you how to book a family swim session via the app.


How do I alter my class booking on the app?

As a member, it is really easy to change your booking via our app. Here is a short video taking you through the process. Please be aware if you have paid for an activity these are non-refundable or changeable. Flexi card  & pre-paid bookings can not be amended or cancelled. 

Can I book my class or gym session at the centre or over the phone?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to book your entry slot over the phone, however, you can book at the site if you find that easier.

How many days in advance can I book?

You can book 7 days in advance & slots become available to book from 9pm. However, we kindly request that you only book for sessions that you can attend to ensure all customers have an opportunity to book a session. Please also remember to try to cancel any sessions giving 24 hours where possible to enable another customer to take your place. 

If I pay for a session and can't attend can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, all sessions regardless of the reason are non-refundable and once booked you/we are not able to amend them. 

Where can I find a list of your various prices?

If you visit our website you should be able to find all our prices there

Has the way I previously booked a class changed

All classes must be pre-booked and you can book your class online at or via our app as normal.  

I can't remember my pin/password for the app or have never logged on before?

No problem, you just need to go onto my bookings in the app, it will then take you to a log in page, once there you will see, forgotten my password. Click that and it will ask for your ID number. Once submitted you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Your ID is not your card no if you don't have your member ID number please email us. You create and reset your PIN in the same way, here is a short video showing you how to do that.

What are the guidelines for bookings?

Please ensure you swipe your card even if the barrier is open. We monitor non-attendance and will contact you if we notice you have not swiped your card upon entry to your pre-booked activity session. 

When booking a gym slot, please do not book two sessions back-to-back. Each session has a 30-minute entry time for you to arrive and check-in, however, you are welcome to stay as long as your workout takes. 

When booking a swimming slot, a session has a 15-minute entry time for you to arrive and check in.

If you have two activities booked, a class and a swim, for example, one scan of your card upon entry will be enough to mark your attendance for the next 3 hours.

If you are unable to attend a pre-booked session, please cancel with as much notice as possible (ideally 24 hours) to allow another customer to take your place. If you are unable to attend a pre-booked session, please cancel with as much notice as possible (ideally 24 hours) to allow another customer to take your place. Here is a handy video which shows how you can cancel a booking Click here

What will happen to customers who repeatedly no-show to pre-booked sessions?

KAL will be contacting customers via email, text and phone to make them aware of their no-shows.  If a member repeatedly fails to swipe attendance for booked sessions even after being reminded of our guidelines, whilst it is not something, we take lightly we may look to take more serious action on a members account

I have now unfrozen my membership & it will be active in 7 days, can I book an activity in the meantime? 

Unfortunately not, the booking system is based on your current membership status so until your membership is live you will not be able to book.


Using the KAL App 

Based on customer feedback we have created a variety of videos to demonstrate how to use the KAL App;

How do I download the KAL App?

I am a Flexi Cardholder, how do I book a class

I am a Flexi Cardholder, how do I book a family swim?

I am a Flexi Cardholder, how do I book a swimming session?

Centre Information

Do I need to wear a mask?

Wearing a mask is not mandatory. However, we strongly advise customers to wear a face-covering in non-activity areas (ie receptions, corridors, changing rooms) for their own protection. Masks do not have to be worn when exercising or in the gym /pool area. 

I have realised that my email or mobile phone number is not correct – how can I update it?

Please email our Customer Service Team at with your new details and we will update your record. It is very important that you keep your details up to date as we will always communicate with you via email.

I am not a plus member but can I use The Stadium?

Only members with a KAL Plus membership are able to use the Stadium Health and Fitness Club, however, you can use Huddersfield Leisure centre, Dewsbury Sports Centre & Batley Sports and Tennis Centre, Lockwood Fitness Centre, Colne Valley Leisure Centre and Scissett Baths. However, if you would like to permanently upgrade to our Plus membership please email our Customer Service Team at

Can you hire equiment at the centre ie Racquets?

No, at the moment you will need to bring your own equipment.  


Can I Freeze my membership

All customers are permitted to freeze their membership by up to 3 months each year (Jan-Dec). We just require 30 days written notice you can request a freeze by completing a freeze request from our website

I owe money for my membership - how do I make that payment?

Please contact KAL on 01484 766131 option 5 or DFC on 01908 422007 to make this payment as soon as possible.

I have a contract membership will my contract date be automatically extended?

All contract memberships require members to make a minimum of 12 payments. Any period of non-payment or freeze does not count towards your number of contracted payments. If you have cancelled your Direct Debit in error, please email our Customer Service Team at requesting that your Direct Debit is reinstated.

I don’t want to continue with my membership how do I cancel?

We are sorry to hear that you have decided you no longer wish to remain a member of KAL. Providing you are still not in your contracted period you just need to email us at

I am a Deighton solo member and the site is closed - what happens?

We have amended your access so you can use HLC until we can open Deighton.

Interested in joining KAL or want to purchase a Flexi Card?

I don’t currently have a membership & previously just turned up and paid at reception. How do I now book and pay for a session?

You must be registered in our database in order to pre-book a session via our app or website. You can either take out a KAL membership or purchase a  Flexi Card which will then allow you to book and pay for sessions. However, you can also just turn up at a centre and book and pay for a session. However, this is subject to availability on the day as we still have capacity limits in place.  

I am interested in joining, can I book in for a tour ?

Yes, just pop into your local centre who will be happy to show you around. 

I am interested in a Flexi Card, how to a purchase one?

Flexi Cards are available to buy online find out more about a Flexi Card & how to buy one here.

How do I get my Member ID and pin once I have joined?

A few minutes after joining you will be sent a welcome email which details your Member ID. You can then use your Member ID to log into our app. Once you have your Member ID, go into the app and click on "forgotten my password". Put in your Member ID and you will receive an email with a link in to reset your password. Your ID is not your card no

Watch our video showing you how to do this.



Should you have any additional needs and need support accessing our facilities and/or are unsure how this guidance affects your ability to access our facilities, please contact our Customer Service Team at where a member of our team will assist you further.

KAL has allowed for 10 mins arrival for each customer per session however if any customer with additional needs requires additional time, we are happy to pre-arrange this before a visit. Please contact our Customer Service Team. 

A+1 Scheme

If you are a holder of a Kirkless Passport with the  A +1 benefit then you will be able to bring your registered carer with you.  You should book your session as normal and your carer may then accompany you on your visit. Please ensure you bring your passport with your A+1 benefit with you when you visit. 

I have a carer, can they attend with me?

Yes of course. All carers will need to book a slot as well & can do this by emailing or by speaking to a member of the team at the reception at the site. Please note your carer cannot use the centres without you and must remain with you are all times. They are not permitted to use the centres for their own needs, the carer is to support you.

If you need any help booking a session, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team at

I have another question

Please email our Customer Service Team at who will be happy to assist you.


KAL are really excited to launch YourKAL; a live streaming and on-demand service for our customers.

It has never been more important to take care of your physical & mental wellbeing. YourKAL gives you the tools to help you do that, along with some of our most popular workouts, with our own instructors in one place, both on-demand & live-streamed.

All content within YourKAL is free of charge for anyone who downloads the app.  

Download the KAL App

To access YourKAL & YourKAL Live you will need the KAL app, then simply follow these steps;

  • If you're new to the KAL app you can download it
  • Open the KALapp and go to your favourite club
  • You can select your favourite club via “My Clubs” in the drop-down menu
  • You will then see two tiles
  • YourKAL (purple background) – this is our on-demand service
  • YourKAL Live (orange background) – this is where you will find live-streamed classes
  • You may be asked to update your app when you first click on one of these tiles.

In YourKAL Live, you will find our live-streaming classes listed by time on a day by day basis.

  • Simply select the class you want to participate in prior to its start time
  • Click “Livestream” at the bottom of the page
  • You will need to read & agree to the statement that appears   
  • The stream will then start at the allocated time.

In YourKAL you will find our on-demand library

  • You can scroll through these workouts and select the one you want at any time
  • Select your workout & hit play
  • You will need to read & agree to the statement
  • The workout will then start.

KLUB Fitness on YourKAL

This area is perfect for anyone who is homeschooling &/or wanting to keep children active.

You will find over 60 videos/workouts available, on-demand, which are suitable for  4-16 year olds.

As this is a new section we have included a short video that walks you through how to download the app, get to YourKAL, stream it to a bigger screen as well as accessing the sessions.


Wellbeing on YourKAL


Here you will find a variety of resources to help you support your mental wellbeing.

We have introduced you to the 5 ways to wellbeing in the past, but as a reminder here is a short video. Building these into your day to day life can help to give you a better sense of balance & wellbeing.

Within this new Wellbeing section, you will find guided breathing meditation, basic meditation, Qi Gong & relaxing Yoga practices. These will be in YourKAL on-demand so you can practice them as much as you want, any time.  


Here are some common Q&A's

On YourKAL Live I can take part in Les Mills classes such as BODYPUMP & CX WORX. Will they be added to the on-demand section so I can do them again?

Unfortunately not, these are Les Mills licenced classes and therefore we cannot add to the on-demand section of YourKAL due to licencing restrictions.

However, within YourKAL you will find different classes which are based on similar principles such as Zumba, which is similar to SH’BAM, Legs, Bums & Tums – if you’re a fan of CX WORX & plenty of Yoga for those of you who enjoy BODYBALANCE.

What is the difference between YourKAL Live & YourKAL?

YourKAL Live is our live streaming service. When you go into this section you will find a timetable for the week ahead, similar to attending group exercise at one of our centres.

These classes are streamed for you to follow along & feature our own instructors. Any that are not Les Mills, such as Pilates will be added to the on-demand library within YourKAL.

YourKAL is a library of on-demand workouts which you can access any time. This is updated regularly so keep an eye out for new sessions.

Both YourKAL Live & YourKAL can be found within the KAL App.

Can I watch either the live or on-demand classes & workouts on my TV?

Yes, if you have a HDMI cable &/or USB adaptor you can connect your mobile device to your TV & watch it that way. There is a short video showing you how to do this on our KAL Fitness Facebook page.

Here are a few tips that may help:

  • With this adaptor there will be 3 ports; 2 are the USB & HDMI on your TV then the 3rd plugs into your device
  • Make sure auto-rotate is switched on & turn your device so it is landscape to get a bigger image - this will be mirrored on your TV
  • Turn off your screen lock/timer as this may interrupt the stream & can cause it to pause until your device is unlocked. This also applies if you are connected to an Apple TV
  • Once your device is connected select HDMI as the Source on your TV remote. 

We are also working on a long term solution to give you the ability to cast this to your TV. We will keep you updated on this. 

My favourite fitness class does not seem to be included within your timetable. Why is that?

We have prioritised the most popular group exercise classes from the KAL timetable. We will take any feedback & requests on board but can not guarantee we can fulfil all requests.

You will find a wide range of workouts within YourKAL which cater to different fitness levels & age groups.

I have never downloaded the KAL App before, is it easy to do?

It certainly is! Here you will find out how to download the App & once you have done that you can find details of how to access YourKAL Live & YourKAL further up this page. 

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Registered Office: Stadium Business & Leisure Complex, Stadium Way, Huddersfield, HD1 6PG.
Charity No. 1091226, Company No. 4331165